Descent in Madness – Diving in the deep end with Higurashi: When They Cry

I’d be lying if I said I was a fan of horror, or a fan of gore, so naturally Studio DEEN’s Higurashi: When They Cry wasn’t exactly at the top of my ‘to watch list’. Despite this, friend’s assertions that Higurashi is well worth a watch, and a habit of watching things on the basis of “I’ll try anything once”, I thought I would give Higurashi a try.

Over the next few weeks I’ll keep this blog updated with my progress, which is more than likely to vary between shades of intrigue and disgust. Currently onto episode 3, the series is faring far better than I thought it would, despite some, shall we say, unusual animation and a lot of expressions of horror with little to no explanation.

It should be an interesting ride, considering this is my first foray back into anime after over a year and a half with nothing. Have I totally thrown myself off the deep end? I guess I’ll find out!


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