[Neon Lotus Plays] No One But You (Part 1)

Despite having owned Unwonted Studios’ No One But You for a good few months, and starting it once before, this poor little thing has sat on my desktop with very little attention paid to it.

I’ve decided to rectify that, and have booted up Nobody But You with the intent of playing it over the next couple of weeks – while juggling life and other commitments. I figured I may as well also turn this into a little blog series, so that I have some more regular, and possibly shorter content here on Neon Lotus. So check back here from time to time to see much luck in romancing some waifu, if there is any luck to be had.

No One But You: Part 1

Despite starting off in a way that may seem a little tired or cliche (pictured below), No One But You seems to sport some solid writing, a nice tone and a general level of finish that is honestly impressive — especially for an inexpensive indie title. I take my hat off to Unwonted Studios in this respect, you can tell No One But You is a labour of love.

NOBY 1.png

A few minutes in and I feel like there is one thing that must be acknowledged. The art. I don’t think I’ve ever seen art this good on an indie VN. I mean, the characters have a unique style that isn’t exactly anime, or at least, not the mainstream anime style. It’s undeniably taking inspiration from it, but whatever the case, it looks great.

And then there’s the scenery. Honestly it’s pretty impressive how aesthetically pleasing Unwonted managed to make 2D background graphics. I’ll throw in an example here to show what I mean, but wow, between the particles and the light effects, this is some top tier BGCs.


Anyway, that’s all for now, I’ll keep this blog updated as I potter through No One But You. I may be going in blind at the moment, but Unwonted Studios definitely do not disappoint.



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