[Neon Lotus Plays] Nobody But You (Part 2)

As it turns out, this series may not be as long as I thought it may have been originally, as I just absolutely ploughed my way through Unwonted Studios’ No One But You.

OH BOY. As someone who is a masochist for ‘tragedy’ anime, and a sucker for series like ClannadKanonYour Lie in April and the Ef~ series, No One But You (NOBY) was right up my alley. That being said, I wasn’t expecting the level of emotion and drama this indie visual novel brought to the table, and I’d be lying if I said my eyes were dry.

While I’m not going to review NOBY yet, as there are still at least 3-4 other routes to follow before I have a full picture of the title, I can say that Unwonted has delivered a thoroughly impressive narrative with some lovely art, a great soundtrack. Heck, they event went the extra mile and created an animated OP.


For my first playthrough I opted for Yui’s route, because — as you will no doubt come to see through future posts — I’m a total sucker for a red-headed tsundere (I’m trash, I know!). I was not expecting the emotional load out this route gave, and honestly had I known I may have saved the route for another time, but hey, it was well crafted and enthralling, so I’m happy.

My only complaint with the route as yet was the fairly abrupt way the route ends, coupled with a lack of epilogue content or ‘follow on’ from the end of route hook up. That being said, there appears to be some ‘afterstory’ content that requires unlocking, so all could be rectified in the future.

Anyway, I will more than likely play more of No One But You  in the future, though I may give it a rest for a little while considering I feel like I have just marathoned Little Busters Refrain (think Rin in the white dress outside the school. That’s the level we’re talking here).

I would strongly suggest this title to anyone who has both an interest in visual novels and a love of emotion fueled narrative, because NOBY performs a great balance of emotional connection with great characters and some nice comedic relief.

And so, I leave you with a screen capture of a conversation with a girl who has more warning signs than an atomic power plant:




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